Friday, August 14, 2009

Another trip to the beach!

So we love the beach.... We think we live there. Only in our dreams. This was our trip to Avila with my dad. I'm a little late on updating things. We spent a week at the beach and the Boys loved it. We hit up the Avila Barn about 3 or 4 times. The boys love to feed the animals and get ice cream.

Sweet little face! I love him!

He is trying to be brave. This is my child that is scared of everything. If they make a noise he runs away.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Luke's 1st hair cut.

They sure clean up well. Both the boys have blue in their hair for 4th of July.
Luke after. He's a big boy now!
Auntie can you help us?

Luke before

When it's Hot we Play in the water!

One Saturday morning we went out side to do yard work but decided it was too hot to work so we busted out the water slide. Trent loved it. He couldn't slide fast enough by himself so he had Derick push him. Derick got him going so fast that he flew off the end of it and landed on the grass.

Later that day we went to the Greenlee's for a b-day party and they had a huge slide. Trent didn't want any part of it. As you can tell by Luke's face he didn't like it either. Guess we won't be going to the water parks any time soon.

No Training Wheels!

Trent has been begging us to take off his training wheel. So finally one day after Derick got off work, before he could even go in and change his clothes, Trent had him taking off the training wheels. So I run into the house to get my camera because I wanted to catch the falls and Derick running up and down the street. But by the time I run in and come back out I see Trent riding down the street with no help. Derick said he gave him a push and off he went. He didn't even crash. His first crash didn't come for a week. He has now graduated to a bigger bike that he can hardly touch the ground.

Friday, June 26, 2009

It wouldn't be the same if Trent wasn't racing. He always talks about how fast he drives his quad and the tricks he can do.

Cute kid right there!

Unc's new Rhino. Him and Papa Bill had to break it in.

"See dad I can do thumbs up too." We will have to work on the thumb. It's really his index finger.

Beach Trip

This is the traditional picture of dad and Trent. Ever since Trent was old enough to do thumbs up, Derick and him have taken a picture together. This year Luke decided he needed to be a part of the action. I will post the picture of the three of them.

Aunt Mal Mal and Lukey

Totally cute picture. On their way to find shells.

Crazy Kids!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


How cute is this picture he really caught a fish and was reeling it in.

One of his ma fish that he caught.
My little fisherman. He was getting ready to hike down the hill to the lake to catch the big one.

Macy and Luke riding around the camp ground on the tractor. Luke didn't want to get off.

Our friend Garrett Greenlee, Noah and Trent. The boys all bought cap guns from the camp ground store. Let me tell you, our kids kept that store in business.